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How I Found My Passion for Food

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Welcome to Lagasca Foods! Home of the best food on the internet! To start things off, let me tell you a bit about me and how I got started in the exciting world of tasty, delicious food.

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada but in 2006, moved to Europe to finish my university studies. Once that was done and I ran out of money abroad, I moved home. Wanting to experience the big city life though, I landed in Toronto. While packing for my move, my mom gave me all these cook books she had lying around the house in Ottawa. I remember our conversation vividly:

Mom: Michael, take these cook books!

Me: Why?? I don’t cook!

Mom: Just take them.

Me: Whatever. Ok.

And I took all the cook books with me.

In Toronto, I knew literally one person there and he was busy with law school at the time, so I found myself with a ton of free time. One day, I thought “hey, I have all these cook books, might as well try to make something in one of them.” So I did and it was amazing. Upon discovering I can make super tasty foods incredibly easily (which is also typically cheaper and more healthy that store-bought meals) I decided I am going to do this all the time. No more store-bought meals from freezers for me.

From talking to others, I also realized most people thought making good food was complicated and time consuming. However, given even I, this completely inexperienced rookie in the kitchen, could make amazing food, why couldn’t anyone? So I decided to help others by showing how I make my own food, which is how my Snapchat, then Instagram feed and now this website were born!

I promise you, everything you read about on here is fantastically tasty. You will not regret joining in on this flavour adventure!

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