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Olive Oil from Croatia?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

You probably know about olive oil from countries like Spain or Italy but yes, Croatia makes olive oil too!

For starters, where is Croatia??

You know how Italy looks like a long boot and west of it is France, Spain, etc? East of it is Croatia:

Consequently, Croatia's coastal region:

  • Has essentially the same climate as the rest of the Mediterranean countries

  • Is heavily influenced by its neighbours to the west (Italy) in terms of:

  • History- For example, Roman emperor Diocletian has a palace in the city, Split

  • Language- While everyone speaks Croatian (which is a slavic language) everyone sounds like they could be Italian

  • Food!- Pizza, cheese, pasta, etc. are all incredible. But more on that below.

Because of the above influences, naturally olive groves became a thing in Croatia too. In 2018, Flos Olei (which is like the Michelin of olive oils) named the Istria region of Croatia (the north-west coast of the country) the best olive oil region in the world!

A few years ago, I visited Croatia with some friends and one of my priorities was to eat my way through the country. My Lonely Planet guidebook mentioned something about how Istria was becoming known for its olive oils so naturally I had to try some. And it did not disappoint. It was probably the best olive oil I ever had in my life! -And this is coming from someone who has also eaten his way through Spain and Italy.

Just like how I was motivated to share with you guys, how easy it is to make great food, the above discovery motivated me to share with you guys the massive difference that good olive oil can make in a dish vs. what you buy in a store (I’ll explain more about the differences in a future blog post). I was also lucky enough to connect with the best producer of Croatian olive oil, Mili Kus, so that I could bring her product to Canada and let you guys taste the difference yourself. Absolutely worth the price- you won’t be disappointed!

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