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What a week without a fridge does

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

A few weeks ago, my fridge broke and it shockingly took a whole week to get it fixed. Living without a fridge meant:

· Throw out everything currently in my fridge

· Can’t buy anything that needs to stay cool (fruits, veggies, milk, etc)

· Can’t cook anything that would have leftovers because the leftovers wouldn’t keep

I also wasn’t super into the idea of making food every day for which I would have to throw out the leftovers. As a result, I had to more or less make do with SUPER basic stuff in my house and eat out for every other meal. Here’s what I ate, by meal, by day and how I felt:

While it felt pretty nasty and I’m sure my body was not happy, it was incredibly interesting to understand exactly what the longer term impacts are on your body of eating out vs. making your own food. You only get one body in your life so take good care of it and try cooking for yourself at home! You and your body will thank you for it. :-)

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