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What’s In A Name?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

So you guys are probably wondering, “what’s up with the website name?” My friends that I went to school with in Madrid will probably recognize it because it was the street I lived on there, Lagasca Street! Why name this website after that?

It was the only domain available.

That’s the end of this blog post.

Haha! No, that’s not the only reason why! So when I moved to Madrid, besides studying (I was there for a semester of my MBA), my other priority was to eat my way through the city. I learned that even though Madrid is exactly in the middle of Spain (so nowhere close to a sea, etc), it has some of the freshest food in the country, because every day, the trucks from around the country bring their tastiest stuff to Madrid (as opposed to bringing it to the closest city to where they happen to have come from). I could absolutely taste the difference. The EU laws around food production and selling are a bit different than in Canada as well. For example, a mozzarella ball in Toronto would be $8. In Madrid after currency conversion, wold be about $3. Note also that the cost of living in Madrid is maybe 80% of that of Toronto, not 38%. Having easy access to such great food at a great price consequently leads Madrileños to be able to make meals that are fresh, tasty, have no chemicals and are cheap. This is exactly the sort of vibe that is communicated from this website.

Completely separately, I have friends from all over the world, many of whom are from Spanish speaking countries. So I wanted to make sure the name is something that is easy to say in English or other languages.

Thus, Lagasca! And if you want to try some of this tasty goodness for yourself, buy something here.


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